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Road Safety

During the past years, the importance of road safety problems have gone beyond the national and regional borders. Today, protection of life and health of people participating in the road traffic is of high priority for countries all over the world. Considering the great number of victims of road traffic accidents, in a resolution dated 26.10.2005 UN once again confirmed the need of special attention to problems of road safety and expansion of international collaboration in this area.

Road safety is important to all citizens and everyone has a role for its enhancement. Though the already undertaken activities have proven to be efficient, the number of victims of road traffic accidents in the European Union remains unacceptably high - 1,3 million accidents annually are the reason for 43 000 death cases and 1,7 million traumas. The behaviour of participants in road traffic is the main reason for the death cases – fast speed, use of alcohol and drugs, tiredness, non-use of seatbelts and protective helmets, etc.

This problem is paid more and more attention in EU. An ambitious objective has been set – decrease of the number of victims of road traffic accidents with 50% until 2010, compared to 2001.

For the achievement of this objective, a systematic approach is needed.

The European plan for action on road safety specifies some basic areas of activity – stimulation of more responsible behaviour on part of the participants in traffic (observance of existing rules, combined with more strict measures for prevention of dangerous behaviour, enhancement of vehicle safety through support of technological development, improvement of road infrastructure through the use of information and communication technologies